Bachelor of Mass Communication

(One Year Post Graduate Degree Course)
Part - A (Written Examination)
1 Introduction to Mass Communication
2 Electronic Media, New Media & Films
3 News Reporting, Magazine & Feature Writing
4 Editing & Newspaper Production
5 Advertising & Public Relations
6 History of Print & electronic Media & Current Affairs
7 Media Management
8 Media Laws
Part - B (Practical Exam. shall consist of )
1 Radio and T.V. communication,
2 News Reporting and Editing  
3 Feature, Magazine and Editorial Writing
4 Advertising and Public Relations
Part - C
1 Internship
2 Internship
3 Internship Diary
4 Viva on Internship
MMC - II (Master of Mass Communication - II)
1 Development Communication
2 Communication Research, Methods & Applications.
3 International Communication
4 Intercultural Communication
5 Dissertation
Chandrapur City is one of the oldest city with huge land coverage surrounded with forest and natural resources like coal and hence popularly known as Black Gold City. Due to its richness in resources many industrialist has been attracted toward
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