Computer Department

  The department has a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The faculty is enthusiastic and easily approachable. Learning is not confined to classrooms. Faculty and students discussing around canteen tables is not a rare sight. Department is having a students forum recognised as M.R.S.F. which conducts various curriculum activities to aware students about organising and arranging the seminar & trade fair. The interaction between the faculty and the students is not restricted only to academic activities but also participate in picnic, treks and parties organised by students. Games cricket, table tennis, carrom & chess are organised and enjoyed. The department offers a healthy & pleasant atmosphere conductive to learning computer science. It also accelerates our students to face challenges of the world outside. We are proud of graduates and programmes.  


Any Graduate of any statutory University with minimum of 50% marks and Mathematics at (10+2) level (relaxation of 5% marks for backward class candidates in Maharashtra State) will be eligible for admission to MCA courses. The candidates who have appeared for the final year examination of any degree course are also eligible to apply. Such candidates will be considered for admission after Common Entrance Test (CET), only if their result are declared before their Personal Interviews (PI).
  Computer Facilities  
  The Department is well equipped with 2 air conditioner full fledged computer laboratory having 35 machines, 1 laser printer, 2 inkjet printer, 5 dot matrix printer, scanner (Umax Astra 12205, multimedia computers Internet facility.)  
  Additional Facilities  
  Slide Projector, Overhead Projector & State of Art Audio Visual system. Conference Halls for Seminar, Workshop & Guest Lectures with seating capacity of 200 each Separate hall for cultural celebration and Grand function with all facilities and capacity of 600 Audience.  
  Library Facility  
  Around 650 books on computer available at present.  
  Operating System and Environment  
  Dos, Linux, Window 9X, Novell Network.  
  Details Of Software /ACKAGES Available  
  GW-basic, Turbo-C, Turbo-C++, Microsoft-C, Cobol, Fortran, VC++, Java, Pascal, dBase, Oracle, Developer 2000, Fox Pro, Lotus, WordStar, Ms-Office 97, Ms-Office 2000, Ventura, AutoCAD, Norton Anti Virus, Visual Basic, Power Builder Dbase, Ventura, AutoCAD.  
  Faculty Members  
Sr. No. Name Qualification
1. Mr. S.B. Kishor M.Sc.(C/S), DIRPM, MIRP, M.Phil.
2. Mr. P.B.Dhumane M.Sc.(C/S), M.Phil
3. Mr.Dayanand Hiremath M.Sc.(C/S)
4. Miss. Bharti Dikhit M.Sc.(C/S), GNIIT
5. Mr.Pravin D. Thakre M.Sc(C/S)
6. Miss. Priya Nakle M.Sc(C/S)
7. Mr. Nishant Shastrakar M.Sc(C/S)
8. Miss. Sheetal Bora M.Sc(C/S)
9. Miss. Vijay Kamble B.E.(Comp.Tech.)
10. Miss. Vijyalaxmi Parekh MCM
11. Miss. Sheetal Adkine M.Sc(C/S)
12. Miss. Manjusha Halkare M.Sc(C/S)
13. Mr. Sandip Gudeliwar M.Sc(C/S)
14. Miss. Priya Gupta MCM, M.Com
15. Miss. Swati Batwe B.E. (Electronics)
16. Miss. Madhuri Bankar M.Sc(C/S)
17. Miss. Dhanashri Dantulwar M.Sc(C/S)
18. Mr. Ajay Kushwaha M.C.A
19. Miss. Vaishali Sapate M.Sc(C/S), B.Ed
20. Mr. Prem Kumar M.C.A
21. Miss. Shruti Rakhunde M.C.A
22. Miss.Khusboo Azmi M.Sc(C/S)
23. Miss. Gurbir Khalsa B.Com(C/A), MCM
24. Miss. Neha Regundwar B.Sc.(Sci), MCM
25. Miss. Kavita Rajurkar M.A.(English), B.Ed.
26. Miss. Laxmi Roy MCM
27. Miss. Ruchita Gadgi B.E.(Computer Tech.)

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