Master Of Computer Application (MCA)

  MCA Ist Year  


MCA Part - I (Semester - I) MCA Part - I (Semester - II)
Computer Organization and Architecture Data Structure
Object Oriented Programming using C++ Database Management System
Operating System

Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory

Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Java Programming
System Analysis and Design Statistics & Numerical Mathematics
Practical - I (Based on C++) Practical - I (Based on Java )
Practical - II (Based on Microprocessor) Practical - II (Based on Data Structure and Staistics & Numercial Mathematics Using C++)

Project (Using C++ or Java)

  MCA 2nd Year  


MCA Part - II (Semester - I) MCA Part - II (Semester - II)
E-Commerce Computer Hardware interfacing
Data Communication & Network Distributed Database Management System
Design & Analysis of Algorithm

Computer Graphics

Operation Research Distributed Operating System
Database Administration C# and Dot Net
Practical - I (Based on Oracle) Practical - I (Based on C# and Dot Net)
Practical - II (Based on Operation Research using C++) Practical - II (Based on Computer Graphics using C++)

Project - II (Using C++, C#, Java or application area related one of the subject studied till now. )

  MCA 3rd Year  


MCA Part - III (Semester - I) MCA Part - III (Semester - II)
Data Warehousing & Data Mining Project

Embedded System
Network Security


  • Sun Certification
  • CISCO Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Oracle Certification
Elective - I
  • Legal aspect of IT
  • Software Engineering
  • System Management
Elective -II
  • VB Dot Net
  • ASP Dot Net
  • Practical - I (Based on Embedded System, Network Security & Data Warehousing & Data Mining)
  • Practical - II (Based on Elective - I or Elective - II)
Chandrapur City is one of the oldest city with huge land coverage surrounded with forest and natural resources like coal and hence popularly known as Black Gold City. Due to its richness in resources many industrialist has been attracted toward

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