About City

  Chandrapur City is one of the oldest city with huge land coverage surrounded with forest and natural resources like coal and hence popularly known as Black Gold City. Due to its richness in resources many industrialist has been attracted toward this belt, as a result of Chandrapur city is been surrounded by Renown industry like, M/s L & T cement, M/s Manikghar Cement, M/s ACC cement, M/s Ambuja Cement, M/s BILT paper industry, M/s Electrolux Voltas, M/s Lloyd Metals, M/s WCL, M/s Shipra Oil etc.  
  Chandrapur is also known as Power City for its Mega thermal power station (CSTPS) which is one of the biggest power station in Asia. Chandrapur being an important industrial and commercial center is very well connected with major Indian City and is easily approached by Rail and Bus.  

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