Commerce Faculty

Sr.No. Name Qualification
1. Dr. R. P. Ingole  (PRINCIPAL)(HOD) M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
2. Dr.. K.B. Moharir M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D
3. Dr. R. K. Sawlikar M.Com., SET,Ph.D.
4. Dr.. Sapana Yerawar (Weginwar) M.Com, M.Phil.



B. Com. Part II B. Com. Part III
Sr.No. Subjects Sr.No. Subjects
1. Compulsory English 1. Financial Accounting Paper III
2. Marathi / Hindi / Supplementary English 2. Auditing & Income Tax
3. Monetary Economics 3. Business Law
4. Financial Account Paper-II 4. Business Comm. & Management
5. Cost & Management Accounts 5. Indian Economics
6. Company Law & Practice 6. Optional Paper - III
7. Group - C - Marketing Management
(Advertising & Sales Managements)
7. Group - C - Marketing Management
8. Group- D- MIS & Information Technology   Group - D- MIS & Information Technology (IT)


Chandrapur City is one of the oldest city with huge land coverage surrounded with forest and natural resources like coal and hence popularly known as Black Gold City. Due to its richness in resources many industrialist has been attracted toward

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