Post Graduate

  Sardar Patel College is well Known for Post Graduation courses like M.A. in Sociology, Political Sci., Marathi, Hindi, Geography, Home Economic, Economics. In Commerce section M. Com. with M. Chemistry,Physics,Maths,Microbiology,Zoology,Computer Science,Biotechnology,Environmental Science.Recognised as Centre for Higher Learning and Research in 12 Subjects.  
  • Commerce Section
  • Arts Section
  • Mass Communication
  • Staff
  Arts Faculty (M.A)  


1 English
2 Marathi
3 Hindi
4 Economics
5 History
6 Sociology
7 Political Science
8 Geography
9 Home Economics


Commerce Faculty (M.Com)


1 M.Com. - I, II


Science Faculty (M.Sc.)


1 Chemistry
2 Physics
3 Microbiology
4 Computer Science
5 Maths
6 Zoology
7 Environmental Science
8 Bio-Technology




Post Graduate Faculty


1 Dr.R.P.Ingole Principal
Science Faculty (P.G)
Sr.No Name Of HOD Department
1 Dr. S.V.Madhamshettiwar(Vice-Principal) Chemistry
2 Dr. U.P. Manik Physics
3 Dr. V.S.Wadhari Microbiology & Bio-Technology
4 Dr. S.B. Kishor Computer Science
5 Dr.R.B.Sisodiya Maths
6 Dr.Mrs.R.R.Kulkarni Zoology
7 Dr.K.S.Raipurkar Environmental Science
Arts & Commerce Faculty
Sr.No Name Of HOD Department
1 Dr. R.P.Ingole,Principal Commerce
2 Dr. A.V.Dhote English
3 Dr. Vanshri Lakhe
4 Dr.V.D.Bansod Marathi
5 Dr.S.P.Bansod Hindi
6 Dr.. P.R.Shende History
7 Dr..S.R.Bidwai (Potnurwar) Economics
8 Dr.. P.S.Shambharkar Political Science
9 Dr.R.B.Sathe Sociology & Diploma in Anthropology
10 Dr.Usha Khandale Home Economics
Non Teaching Staff
1 Shri. M. B. Wankar (Acting)
2 Shri. M. B. Wankar Suprintendent
3 Shri. J.D.Dubdube Accountant
4 Shri. Vasant Kotpalliwar Head Clerk

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